Yesgigs 1966-1980

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This timeline was compiled from the Notes from the Edge Yes Rarities list (the 'bootlist'), tour programs, news clippings, Dan Hedges' Yes: The Authorized Biography, Chris Welch's Close to the Edge: The Story of Yes,Tony Bacon's London Live(for Marquee dates), Melody Maker,NFTE posts by Cliff Loeslin, Dave Dunnington and Shoji Yamada's Complete Guide to Yes BBC Sessions, Peter Whipple's Forgotten Yesterdays, and emails from all good people who have visited here before. To all: thanks. This list is by no means complete, and is only as accurate as my sources -- which means that some gigs that were advertised may not actually have been played. Unresolved chronologies are noted by question marks and asides. "Personnel", if not otherwise noted, consists of Yes; notable setlist songs are included under 'Notes". Revisions, additions, and confirmations are WELCOME. I would particularly like to fill in the gaps in the 1972-74 tour dates. Contact me by email.

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? = data are unknown or questionable
[titles] = authorized live recording
FY = Forgotten Yesterdays
LL = LONDON LIVE by Tony Bacon

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26London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Gary Farr and the T-BonesOne of the 'T-Bones' was future keyboard star Keith Emerson. The Syn, which included Chris Squire, Peter Banks, and Andrew Jackman (who later played on and orchestrated Squire's FISH OUT OF WATER), debuted circa 1965 as a Motown/soul covers act. By mid-1967 they, like so many other bands, will turn 100% psychedelic.
12London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The VIPs 
23London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Action 
29London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Move 
10London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Alan Bown Set 
28London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Alan Bown Set 
6London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Jimmy James and the Vagabonds 
13London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/[Eric Burdon and]The Animals 
20London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Spencer Davis Group 
29London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Pink Floyd 


3London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Tony Rivers and the Castaways 
17London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Zoot Money's Big Roll BandZoot's band included guitarist Andy Somers. As psychedelia grew more popular, 'ZMBRB' morphed into 'Dantalion's Chariot'. Much later, the self-same Andy 'Summers' found fame in The Police, while around the same time Jon Anderson wrote the lyric 'Dantalion will ride again'. The Synchronicity!
24London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Jimi HendrixSquire reminisced about this gig in an interview with NFTE #200, as did Banks in Chris Welch's book. All of London's rock and roll royalty - the Beatles, the Stones, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck - were there. The Syn were in the unenviable position of having to play *two* sets to this impatient audience before Hendrix's set.
31London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Jimmy James and the Vagabonds 
7London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Spencer Davis Group 
14London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Tony Rivers and the Castaways 
21London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Cat Stevens; George Bean and the Runners 
28London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Alan Bown Set 
16London UK 100 ClubThe Syn w/Cliff Bennet & the Rebel Rousers, Ronnie Jones & the Bluejays 
1London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Footprints 
8London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Love Affair 
15London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/C-Jam Blues 
22London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Stalkers 
28London UK UFO ClubTomorrowJimi Hendrix walks onstage to take a short guest turn on 'freak out' bass, and walks off smiling when he's done (MOJO Jan '98).
29London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Skip Buffery, Graham Bellz 
29London UK Alexandra Palace "14 Hour Technicolour Dream"Tomorrow w/Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, and many othersIronically, it was The Syn who would memorialize this seminal psych event in song.
6London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/We Three Kings 
12London UK noneTomorrow1st single My White Bicycle b/w Claremont Lake released. Howe later jokingly refers to it as "My first flop." (Welch).
13London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Stalkers 
21London UK UFO ClubTomorrow w/The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. 
27London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Bluesyard 
10London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Stalkers 
17London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Love Affair 
18London UK The Electric GardenTomorrow 
24London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Third Eye 
??London UK noneThe Syn1st single Created by Clive b/w Grounded (Deram DM-130) released. By now The Syn has gone fully psychedelic in accordance with fashion of the Summer of Love. Banks and Squire also began experimenting with drugs.
17London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Darlings 
29London UK Alexandra Palace "London Love-In"Tomorrow w/Pink Floyd, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Eric Burdon's Animals, others 
3London UK TilesTomorrow w/Chas Stevens 
6London UK MarqueeThe Syn 
11Windsor UK Royal Windsor Racecourse, "7th National Jazz, Pop, Ballad & Blues Festival"Tomorrow and The Syn w/The Small Faces, The Animals, The Move, Marmalade, others 
18London UK UFO ClubTomorrow w/Chris MacGregor Quintet 
20London UK MarqueeThe Syn 
26-28Woburn UK Woburn Abbey "Festival of Flower Children"TomorrowTheir set is cut short when a flower child's firecracker sets the stage on fire.
1London UK unknownTomorrow w/Pink Floyd, Crazy World of Arthur Brown 
7London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/Studio Six 
7London UK Happening 44Mabel Greer's ToyshopAdvertised in MM. This conflicts with some official versions of the Yes story, which have Chris Squire forming MGT in January 1968. However, on Chris Squire's website, Bob Hagger tells of forming MGT with Clive Bailey in 1967, with Squire and Banks joining in early1968.
9Chelmsford UK Corn ExchangeTomorrow 
10Sheffield UK Loon Mojo ClubTomorrow 
16London UK Ricky TickTomorrowMM reports also that The Syn has been offered six months' work in Las Vegas, Japan, and Australia for 1968.
22London UK  Tomorrow 2nd single Revolution b/w Three Jolly Little Dwarfs released. In the interval between Tomorrow's two singles, lead vocalist Keith West had experienced chart success with his solo single Scenes from a Teenage Opera, facilitating Tomorrow's breakup.
23BELTV/radioTomorrowAppears on Belgian TV & radio.
??UK The Syn2nd single Flowerman b/w 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (Deram DM-145) released. In performance Flowerman ended in a mock fight, with the singer attacking the band with a garden hoe. The Syn also staged mock gang fights and courtroom trials as part of its act. NFTE published a fan's account of these antics.
12London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Third Eye 
2London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Quik 
16London UK MarqueeThe Syn w/The Love Affair 
18-19Paris FRA Palais du Sport "La Fenetre Rose"Tomorrow w/Spencer Davis, Cat Stevens, Dantalion's Chariot, Soft Machine, others. 
25London UK Middle EarthMabel Greer's Toyshop 
???London UK La ChasseJohn Anderson meets Chris Squire 
2London UK The Upper CutTomorrow w/The Breakthru 
9London UK MarqueeMabel Greer's Toyshop w/Neat ChangePeter Banks eventually played in both these bands.
22London UK Olympia "Christmas on Earth"Tomorrow w/Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Animals, Move, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine 
23London UK MMTomorrowThe band announce that they will not attend the premiere of the film SMASHING TIME, in which they appear, calling it "a complete misrepresentation of the pop scene".


???London UK Albert HallYes w/Janis Joplin. 
??London UK noneMabel Greer's ToyshopPeter Banks quits MGT to join Neat Change; his guitar duties are assumed by Clive Bailey. This must have happened after January 1968. According to Bob Hagger, MGT wanted to get Steve Howe in the guitar spot after Banks left.
1London UK MarqueeMabel Greer's Toyshop w/The Nice 
7London UK Cat-Balou ClubThe Syn 
??London UK noneThe SynDisbands. Squire and Banks join Mabel Greer's Toyshop.
20London UK MarqueeMabel Greer's Toyshop w/The GodsThe Gods were Greg Lake's pre-King Crimson band.
2London UK Middle EarthMabel Greer's Toyshop w/The Action, Odyssey, Jeff DexterElsewhere this same night, Jethro Tull plays its first Marquee gig
3London UK Middle EarthTomorrow 
24London UK noneTomorrowSelf-titled debut album is released circa this date.
??London UK  John AndersonAnderson, who had been playing with David Foster and Ian Wallace in The Warriors since 1963, returns to London from Germany as a solo artist. Jack Barrie, proprietor of La Chasse club and assistant manager at The Marquee, takes him under his wing.
??London UK BBC StudiosMabel Greer's ToyshopRecords for John Peel's Nightride (broadcast Apr 4 68). Beyond and Before, Images of Me and You, Janetta, [Electric Funeral ?]
9cLondon UK  John AndersonThe temporarily renamed "Hans Christian" Anderson's cover of The Association's Never My Love b/w All of the Time (Parlophone R5676) is released as a single. Chris Welch reviews it in MM: "Leap into your Anderson shelters, here comes a blockbuster of a hit from a hip young fairyteller with an emotion-packed voice.'
16London UK MMHans Christian AndersonAdvertisement for Never My Love.
24cLondon UK  Mabel Greer's Toyshop Begins effort to get signed by MCA, but is ultimately turned down in May, as being 'too psychedelic'.
??London UK variousMabel Greer's ToyshopBy now, John Anderson is singing for them.
13London UK MMYes?On page 7, there's an advertisement for a new single called Yes, by Grapefruit. The typography is somewhat like that of the logo Peter Banks later devised for Yes. A similar motif also appeared in YELLOW SUBMARINE; in fact, Grapefruit were one of Apple Records' bands.
??London UK noneTomorrowDisbands. Steve Howe forms Bodast, which lasts through December 1969.
2London UK MarqueeMabel Greer's Toyshop w/The Nice 
??London UK  Hans Christian AndersonSecond single, Autobiography of a Mississippi Hobo (Parlophone) released. Chris Welch in MM predicts "a hit". Years later he notes, "It wasn't."
??London UK MarqueeJohn Anderson and GunHis only gig with Gun, who sacked him the next day because they didn't want to be his backup band. Gun's first album, released some months later, was also Roger Dean's first album cover.
??London UK La Chasseproto-YesJack Barrie, Anderson's manager, introduces him to Chris Squire. A day later the duo have already written their first song: Sweetness.
7London UK The Lucky Horseshoeproto-YesAnderson and Squire meet Bill Bruford for the first time at this Shaftsbury Avenue coffee shop, in response to an ad Bruford had placed in MM. And, later that evening....
7London UK Rachel Macmillan CollegeMabel Greer's ToyshopFirst gig with Bill Bruford on drums, as noted by Bruford in his ledger. Considered by some to be the first Yes gig. Setlist consisted mainly of an extended version of In the Midnight Hour. Clive Bailey played guitar; Tony Kaye does not seem to have been in the picture yet. Some confusion about the date exists (see Jul 7).
8London UK Marquee, Neat Changew/Timebox 
10-29London UK Lucky Horseshoe basementMabel Greer's Toyshop/YesRehearsals. The nascent Yes had by now secured a investment of 500 pounds from wealthy patron John Roberts, enabling them to purchase new equipment and rent this rehearsal space.
1-9London UK Lucky Horseshoe basementMabel Greer's Toyshop/YesContinuing rehearsals.
6London UK MarqueeNeat Change w/Gun 
7Deptford UK Rachel Macmillan CollegeYes?Pete Frame's Rock Family trees cites this as the first Yes gig. However, he may have been confused about both the name and the date (7/6/68 vs.6/7/68).
12London UK noneNeat ChangeReleases single on Decca, the label that rejected Mabel Greer's. Mabel Greer's continues by morphing into Yes, adding Tony Kaye around this time.
13London UK MarqueeNeat Change w/the Iveys 
14London UK nonePeter BanksSacked by Neat Change, leaving him a free agent. To his delight the band breaks up a month later.
17London UK unknown The film YELLOW SUBMARINE premieres in UK. Occasionally it's cited as inspiration for the name Yes, but Banks, who named the band, denies this and says he had come up with the name months earlier.
20London UK Market HallMabel Greer's Toyshop 
26Bracknell UK Sports CentreMabel Greer's ToyshopBanks agrees to join Squire, Anderson, Bruford and Kaye.
27Newmarket UK Municipal HallMabel Greer's Toyshop 
3East Mersey UKEast Mersey Youth CampYesFirst gig under their new name -- which for some months to come is advertised as 'Yes!'.
5London UK MarqueeYes! w/The Nite PeopleFirst of 38 Marquee gigs. Early setlists could have included any of the following: I'm Only Sleeping, Eleanor Rigby, Every Little Thing (Beatles); Paper Cup (The Fifth Dimension); Heaven on Your Mind (Traffic); I See You (The Byrds); songs by the Buffalo Springfield, and Something's Coming (Bernstein/Sondheim)
9Bracknell UK Sports Centre  
10Wellingborough UK Motown Club Other sources say Walsall's Red Lion Club, on the same date
11London UK Marquee questionable; not listed in LL.
12London UK Marquee questionable; not listed in LL
17London UK MarqueeYes! w/Neat Change 
23Stoke-on-trent UK The Place  
30Welwyn UK Civic Centre  
31London UK Black Sheep Club  
??London UK MarqueeYes! w/Spencer Davis Groupquestionable; not listed in LL
6London UK Marquee Clubjust plain Yes w/Joe Cocker & The Grease Band 
8King's Lynn UK   
12? UK    
13Marlow UK Crown Hotel  
15London UK Blaise's Subs for Sly & the Family Stone -- a first big break.
16London UK Blaise's According to Chris Welch, *this* is the famous Blaise's gig. . One problem: the gig is supposed to have occurred on a Sunday; today is a Monday. Perhaps Yes played past midnight? Anyway, Keith Emerson, Pete Townshend, and Eric Clapton are in attendance and all reportedly impressed. Roy Flynn offers to be Yes' manager then and there. The next day he buys them a Hammond organ, a new drum kit, and a van.
18London UK Blaise's  
??London UK  Bill BrufordSometime in September, Bruford quits to study economics at Leeds University, shocking the band, who recruits Tony O'Riley, formerly of the Koobas. For about a week a drummer named Dave Potts also rehearsed with them.
19London UK MarqueeYes! w/The Nice 
20London UK Cooks Ferry Inn  
21Margate UK Dreamland Ballroom  
22Margate UK Dreamland Ballroom  
27? UK End Club  
28London UK MarqueeYes! w/Dream Police 
5Hitchin UK ? Ballroom  
11Worcester UK Wharf Hotel  
12Cirencester UK Corn Hall  
13London UK Blaise's Also a day for a photo shoot
14London UK Revolution Banks recalls playing an early, two-set Yes gig at Revolution where Pete Townshend heaped praise on his guitar playing. Yes later opened for the Who several times.
15London UK Royal Albert Hall Benefit for Czechoslovakian refugees
17? UK    
22London UK Blaise's  
25Leicester UK Granby Halls  
26London UK Middle Earth at The Roundhouse  
30London UK Blaise's  
??UK Yes & Ian WallaceWallace (later of King Crimson) subs for Tony O'Riley; he's offered the drum spot but declines.
1Marlow UK Crown Hotel  
2London UK Marqueew/Dream Police 
5London UK Blaise's  
8London UK Granada Theaterw/The Who, Joe Cooker & The Grease Band, Small Faces, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Mindbenders 
9Wellingborough UK Motown Club  
13London UK Marqueew/The Love Sculpture 
15London UK Roundhouse all night showw/The Who, Joe Cocker & The Grease Band, Small Faces, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Mindbenders 
16Leeds UK Leeds University Bill Bruford brings friends to see his former band, is appalled by Yes' performance; drummer O'Riley seems to have spent too much time at the pub beforehand. Also Mike Tait's first gig with Yes, as van driver.
18Newcastle UK City Hall, two showsw/the same co-stars as at the Roundhouse 
24London UK Blaise's 
25London UK Revolution  
26London UK Royal Albert Hall, Cream's 'Farewell' concertw/Cream, Taste, John Hiseman's ColosseumBruford rejoins Yes just in time to play this important gig.
27London UK Marqueew/Van der Graaf Generator 
30London UK Ronnie Scotts'  
6Woodgreen UK Fishmongers Hallw/Peter Brown's Battered Ornaments 
6London UK Revolution 
7Bristol UK Bristol Universityw/The Who 
8London UK MarqueeYes! w/Toast 
10London UK MarqueeLed ZeppelinPlays its first Marquee gig under its new name (having played there in October as 'The New Yardbirds'). Melody Maker likes them but advises them to 'cut down the volume a bit'.
12London UK Revolution with a party later afterwards at Speakeasy
13London UK Speakeasy  
14London UK    
15London UK photo shoot  
16London UK Revolution  
17London UK Marquee "The Who Xmas Party"w/The Who 
19London UK Royal Albert Hall  
22London UK   photo shoot; demo recordings at Apple Records for Peter Asher.
24London UK Speakeasy  
26London UK Blaise's  
27London UK Roundhouse "Superstar Jam Session"Steve Howe w/Soft Machine, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, and others. 
31London UK Thames TV "Magpie" And afterwards, a party/show at Speakeasy


1London UK MarqueeYes! w/OctopusFirst gig of a Wednesday night residency
4London UK MMYes, Amen CornerReport that both bands were robbed of their equipment over the holidays.
7London UK BBC Studios "John Peel's Top Gear" Recording for broadcast Jan 12 69. [SOMETHING'S COMING: Dear Father, Everydays, Sweetness, Something's Coming]
8London UK MarqueeYes! w/Toast 
11London UK MM 
15London UK MarqueeYes! w/Procession 
18Portsmouth UK College of Art and Design  
22London UK MarqueeYes! w/Village 
23London UK Revolution  
23Wolverhampton UK Lafayette Club  
24Plymouth UK Van Dike Club  
24Southampton UK Southampton University 
29London UK MarqueeYes w/Clouds 
1Bournemouth UK Ritz Ballroom  
1Reading UK Reading UniversityYes w/Paul Williamssource: MM.
5London UK MarqueeYes! w/Caravan 
8London UK MM Advertisement soliciting gigs for Yes.
9London UK    
12London UK MarqueeYes! w/ Octopus 
13Worthing UK Rice Pavilion  
14London? UK Sussex University other sources say Surrey
15London UK Queen Elizabeth Hall Also, MM reports that Roy Flynn is quitting as proprietor of Speakeasy to devote his full energies to managing Yes.
16Sunderland UK Peter Yes' Jazz Club  
17Wolverhampton UK The CatacombYes! 
19London UK MarqueeYes! w/The Spirit of John Morgan 
24Sheffield UK The Penthouse  
25Cambridge UK ??  
26London UK MarqueeYes! w/Clouds 
27London UK Speakeasy Audition for Atlantic Records CEO Ahmet Ertegun.
28London UK Richmond Athletic Grounds  
1Chesterfield UK Victoria Ballroom Also, MM reports that Yes has signed to Atlantic Records --the first British group to be signed. For the next few years Atlantic's US office is under the impression that Yes is a folk act.
5London UK MarqueeYes! w/Circus 
7York UK York University  
8Sunderland UK Empire Theater  
9? UK    
12London UK MarqueeYes! w/Killing Floor 
15? UK Southampton College  
16London UK Country Club 
17London UK BBC studios 
19London UK MarqueeYes! w/Clouds 
20Salford UK University 
21Wolverhampton UK    
22London UK somewhere in Battersea FY says Brixton, College of Building
25London UK Madam Tussaud's Hall Of Kings 
28London UK Lyceum all-night showw/Country Joe and the Fish, Roy Harper, Van der Graaf Generator, Junior's Eyes, Andromeda, Turnstyle, Hard Meat, John Peel 
29London UK MM Reports that Ahmet Ertegun is in town to start Yes off on their first LP recording.
29Barnet UK Barnet College 
2London UK Marqueew/Harsh Reality 
3Harrowfield UK Youth Centre 
4London UK Speakeasy 
9London UK Marqueew/The Elastic Band 
10? UK   
14London UK Marquee Club 
16London UK Marquee Club 
17London UK Saturdays (University College)  
21London UK Royal Albert Hallw/Janis Joplin 
23London UK Marquee Club 
24Montreux SWI Golden Rose TV Festival  
25Montreux SWI Golden Rose TV Festival  
?Goddelau GER Tanz Club 
?Goddelau GER Tanz Club 
?London UK Marquee Club 
?London UK Marquee Club 
2Plymouth UK Van Dike Club  
3Chelsea UK Collagew/Clouds FY says College of Art
4London UK    
8Scarborough UK Penthouse Club 
10Exeter UK Exeter University 
11Kidderminster UK Frank Freeman's Club 
14London UK Marqueew/Peter Cooper 
16London UK Lyceum, 'Midnight Court'w/ John Mayall, Hard Meat, Gypsy 
17London UK Saturdays (University College)  
18London UK Parliament Hill "Camden Fringe Festival"w/Procol Harum, Soft Machine, Third Ear Band, Blossom ToesYes did the photo shoot for their first album cover at this gig. (Welch)
21London UK Harrods Way Inn 
22London UK BBC Studios 
24Southend-On-Sea UK Southend College Of Technology 
25Wolverhampton UK Lafayette Club 
28London UK Marqueew/The Maddening Crowd 
29Plymouth UK Van Dyke Club 
31Brighton UK Brighton College 
2Sunderland UK Bay Hotel  
4London UK BBC Studios "Johnny Walker Show" Recording broadcast Jun 14 69. [SOMETHING'S COMING: Sweetness, Every Little Thing - the latter track is incorrectly sourced in the CD notes], Looking Around.
5Scarborough UK Penthouse Club  
6Hull UK Fairground, The 
9London UK Marquee Club 
11London UK Marqueew/Sweet Marriage 
13Leicester UK Technical College 
15Kidderminster UK Frank Freeman's Club 
16London UK Scotch Of St. James 
20Canterbury UK Kent University 
21Antwerp BEL Pop Festival 
23London UK Marquee Club 
25London UK Marqueew/Mandrake PaddlesteamerReviewed in MM.
27London UK   1st single Sweetness b/w Something's Coming (mono) released in UK.(Welch) Conflict with Jul 4.
27Amsterdam NETH Jam TV 
28BirminghamFactory, The 
30Sunderland UK Bay Hotel 
2London UK Marqueew/Andromeda 
3London UK private partyw/Stalactites, Al WynnA society party thrown by Prince Rupert Loewenstein, where Yes "dies a complete death' according to Bruford. "Like playing to stone gnomes' says one Yesman to MM. After Yes' set BB and Kaye make off with a bottle of champagne to drown their sorrows. Attendees include Princess Margaret, Peter Sellers, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull. Brian Jones had been found floating dead in a pool the day before.
4Barnstaple UK Queen's Hall Also, Sweetness b/w Something's Coming (Atlantic 584280) released in UK (source: YESYEARS). Conflicts with Jun 27.
5London UK Hyde Park free concertKing Crimson, Rolling Stones, othersnot a Yes gig, but notable for being one of rival KC's breakthrough gigs.
5London UK Royal Albert Hall "Pop Proms"Bodast w/The Who, Chuck BerryBodast was Steve Howe's post-Tomorrow band. When Bodast folded, Howe briefly -- for all of one day -- joined Keith Emerson's Nice. He was also considered for the guitar slot in Jethro Tull. (Welch)
5Harverfordwest UK Market Hall 
6London UK ICA Nash Housew/Juggernaut 
8Birmingham UK Mother's  
9London UK Marqueew/Hard Meat 
10? UK ??  
11London UK Lyceum, 'Midnight Court'w/The Nice, Keith Relf's Renaissance, Peter Cooper, Peter Hammill 
12Nottingham UK Racecourse, "12 Hour Happiness"w/The Nice, Eclection, Caravan, King Crimson, Juniors Eyes, Edgar Broughton Band, Idle Race, Status Quo 
13London UK Wembley Stadium  
16London UK Marqueew/Kippington Lodge 
18Belfast, UK Ulster Hallw/The Nice, Bonzo Dog Band, others 
19Dublin, IRE National Stadiumw/The Nice, Bonzo Dog Band 
20Cork, IRE Football Stadiumw/The Nice, Bonzo Dog BandCANCELLED. See Welch for the amusing tale of what ensued.
23London UK Marqueew/Leviathan 
25? UK New Cellar Club Also, YES (first album) released in the UK (source: YESYEARS) At this time setlist included I See You, Every Little Thing, Survival, Looking Around.
26? UK Country Club  
27? UK    
28? UK Old Cannery  
30London UK Marqueew/Hard Meat 
2Ride, Isle of Wight UKMusic Box  
3London UK BBC Studios "Stuart Henry Show" Recording broadcast Aug 10 69. Then, Beyond and Before, No Opportunity Necessary.
4London UK BBC Studios "Symonds on Sunday" Recording broadcast Aug 10 69 [YESYEARS: Everydays],[SOMETHING'S COMING: Looking Around, Something's Coming - the latter track is incorrectly sourced], Sweetness. Also on this date, Steve Howe composed Clap for his newborn son, Dylan.
6? UK    
7London UK Marqueew/Leviathan 
8Birmingham UK Mother's  
9Plumpton UK Plumpton Racecourse, "9th National Jazz Pop Ballads & Blues Festival"w/The Who, Chicken Shack, Fat Mattress, John Surman, Aynsley Dunbar, The Spirit of John Morgan, Groundhogs, King Crimson, Idle Race, Breakthru, Cuby's Blues Band 
10London UK Marquee Club 
13? UK    
14London UK Marqueew/Samson 
15?? UK Queen's Club FY says Barnstaple Queen's Hall
16Plymouth UK Van Dike Club  
20Hamburg GER Star Club  
21Hamburg GER Star Club  
22Bilzen NETH Jazz Bilzen festival  
23? NETH    
24? NETH    
26Wiesbaden GER Big Apple Club  
26Munich GER Blow-up Club unverified
27Goddelau GER Tanz Club FY
28Munich GER Blow-up Club unverified, possible travel date; FY
29Munich GER Blow-up Club CANCELLED. Also, YES, the first album (Atlantic 8243) released in UK (conflicts with Jul 25 date).
30Munich GER Blow-up Club  
31Munich GER Blow-up Club  
1Munich GER Blow-up Club  
2Munich GER Blow-up Club  
3Munich GER Blow-up Club  
4Munich GER Blow-up Club  
5Munich GER Blow-up Club  
6Munich GER Blow-up Club  
7Munich GER Blow-up Club  
7SWI  unverified
8Paris FRA Ile-De-France FY
?Paris FRA TV, possibly "Pop Deux" [SOMETHING'S COMING: Beyond and Before].
12Sheffield UK Penthouse, The 
13Kirklevington UK Country Club 
14Bishop Auckland Queens Hotel 
15Romford UK King Hall FY says Kings Head
18Eindhoven NETH De Bunker  
19Eindhoven NETH De Effenaar  
20Harverfordwest UK Market Hall 
21Kidderminster UK Frank Freeman's Club 
26Bristol UK College Of Technology 
27Malvern UK Winter Gardenw/Caravan 
28? UK Harrogate Theatrew/The NiceFY says Harrogate
3Plymouth UK Van Dike Club  
4Bristol UK Bristol University  
9Essen GER Grugenhalle, "First German Blues Festival"w/Fleetwood Mac, Pretty Things, Spooky Tooth, Keef Hartley, Warm Dust, Free, Hard MeatNo Opportunity, Dear Father, Every Little Thing, Something's Coming
11Newcastle UK Newcastle University Also, an interview with Anderson appears in Melody Maker.
12Redcar UK Jazz Club Also, King Crimson's IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING, often cited as the first major prog rock album, is released in the U.K.
15USA  YES released, goes almost unnoticed.
17Romford UK Kings Hall FY says Kings Head
18Chesterfield UK Victoria Ballroom 
20Sunderland UK Bay Hotel 
24Nottingham UK Nottingham University 
25Cardiff UK Cardiff University 
27Tournai BEL ACTUEL - The First Paris Music Festivalw/Pretty Things, Chicken Shack, Sam Apple Pie, Frogeaters, David Allen Group, Keith Tippett Group, Pharoah Sanders, Dave Burrell, John Surman, Clifford Thornton, Sonny Sharrock, Acting trio 
28Brussels BEL 140 Theatre 
30London UK Marqueew/Samson 
31Swansea UK Swansea University 
??London UK   Looking Around b/w Everydays (Atlantic 584298) released
??London UK BBC TV2 "Line Up" Filming. (Welch)
1Manchester UK U.M.I.S.T 
2London UK Lyceum, "Sunday Lyceum"w/Deep Purple, The Divine, Vivian Stanshall, Griffin, The Grope 
7BirminghamFactory, The 
13London UK Marquee Club 
14Newcastle UK Newcastle City Hall 
15Folkstone UK Marine Pavilion 
26Basel SWI Basel Theatre 
27Bern SWI Chikito Club 
28Gerlafingen SWI Grunau Restaurant 
30London UK Roundhouse, "Polytechnic Arts Festival"w/Manfred Man Chapter III, Deep Purple, Brian Auger trinity, Atomic Rooster, Liverpool Scene, Free, Village
1Basel SWI Comedy Theater While in Switzerland, Yes and Patrick Moraz meet for the first time.
2Montreux SWI Montreux Casino You've heard of the venue -- 'smoke on the water, fire in the sky', man!
??Solothurn SWI    
??SWITV The Swiss tour was chronicled by Chris Welch in Melody Maker.
5Stoke UK Stoke-On-Trent Art College 
6Weston-Super-Mare UK Winter Gardens 
7Croydon UK Fox at Greyhoundw/StrayWelch says venue is the Croydon Blues Club.
9?? UK Harrowfield Youth Centerw/Professor Strange, Discomation 
11Leicester UK LCP Fletcher Hall 
12Newport UK In-Place 
13London UK Imperial College 
14Redcar UK Jazz Club 
19Harrowfield UK Youth Center FY
21Sheffield UK Kingstone Hotelw/GraciousDear Father, Eleanor Rigby, I See You. However, 'It's Only Rock and Roll: The Ultimate Guide to the Rolling Stones' claims that Yes opened for the Stones on this date at the Lyceum.
24London UK Northcote Arms/Farx Clubw/Nexus 
26London UK Marqueew/Jon Hendricks, ManImpressed by Hendricks, JA is henceforth known as 'Jon'.
27Levington UK Kirk FY says Kirklevington, Country Club
28Birmingham UK Mother's  
30London UK Roundhouse 


10Paris FRA Olympia  
11Paris FRA Olympia  
17Bradford UK University 
19London UK BBC Studios "Dave Lee Travis Show" Recording broadcast Jan 25 70. [SOMETHING'S COMING: Sweet Dreams], [YESYEARS: Then], Everydays, Astral Traveler, Looking Around.
23Stoke UK King's Hall, The 
25Croydon UK Fox at Greyhound  
27Llanelli UK Glen Ballroom 
29Boston UK Starlight Room  
30Coventry UK The 2nd Lanchester Arts Festivalw/Atomic Rooster, Free, Mott the Hoople 
31Uxbridge UK Brunel Universityw/Liverpool Scene 
??London UK BBC "Top Gear" Advertised in MM. Recording br Feb 23 70. [SOMETHING'S COMING: Something's Coming, Sweet Dreams]. Oddly enough, the announcer clearly says "Top of the Pops".
1Sunderland UK Empire Theaterw/The Nice 
70London UK Festival Hallw/The Nice 
8Oxford UK Oxford Polytechnicw/The Nice 
19Copenhagen DEN  w/Small Faces, Edgar Broughton Band 
20Gothenburg SWE  w/Small Faces, Edgar Broughton Band 
21Stockholm SWE  w/Small Faces, Edgar Broughton Band 
22Oslo NOR  w/Small Faces, Edgar Broughton Band 
23Bremen GER  w/Small Faces, Edgar Broughton Band 
24Bremen GER  w/Small Faces, Edgar Broughton Band 
24Bremen GER TV "Beat Club" [SOMETHING'S COMING: No Opportunity Necessary ]
27Plymouth UK Van Dike  
28London UK Imperial Collegew/Web 
??London UK Robert Fripp's flat Squire and Bruford pay a visit to 'Bob' Fripp to sound him out about being Yes' guitarist. Fripp plays a tape of Cat Food/Groon for them but declines the implicit job offer, sensing that Yes would not accept him as a leader.(Fripp)
6Bingley UK Yorkshire College 
7Leeds UK Leeds University 
9Darlington TX Civic Theatre 
11W. GER w/Hardin & York  
12London UK BBC "John Peel's Sunday Show" Recording broadcast Mar 15 70. [SOMETHING'S COMING: Astral Traveller, Then, Every Little Thing, Everydays, For Everyone ]. For Everyone includes a segment later reworked as 'Disillusion' in Starship Trooper.
13Gloucester UK Guildhallw/Fresh 
14Croydon UK College Of Art Techniquew/Easy Leaf, Dwarf 
16Dusseldorf GER Music Festival 
20Salford UK University 
21London UK Queen Elizabeth HallYes and Royal College of Music Youth Orchestra, conducted by Tony CoxYAB claims there were two gigs, but quotes in Welch refer to only one. Songs from TIME AND A WORD were performed in the second half, accompanied by a 20-piece orchestra. The orchestra had a hard time being heard over Yes. Encore: Something's Coming.
22London UK Queen Elizabeth Hall 
27London UK   Time and a Word b/w The Prophet (Atlantic 584323) released.
28Salisbury UK Alex?w/New Era Jazz Band 
29Birmingham UK Mother's  
30? (Devon) UKMagic Circus FY says Barnstaple, Queens Hall
3Cologne GER Sporthalle 
4Erlangen GER University of Technology Source: Peter Banks' diary, reprinted in SOMETHING'S COMING. Other sources say Koln.
5Wurzburg GER   
5Auschaffenburg, GER   Source: Banks' diary. Also in FY
7London UK BBC "Mike Harding Show" Sweet Dreams (broadcast Apr 14 70), For Everyone (broadcast May 26 70). 'The Complete Guide to Yes BBC Sessions' lists Howe as playing on these tracks although Banks has not yet left.
10London UK Marqueew/Slade, Trevor Billmuss 
11London UK BBC TV "Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Show" Rehearsal. Source: Banks' diary.
12London UK BBC TV "Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Show" Recording broadcast Apr. 14 70.
14London UK Assembly Roomw/Julian Treatment FY says Surbiton
16Weymouth UK Pavillion Ballroom 
17Surbiton UK Poperama Devizes  
18Luton UK Luton Collegew/Mighty Baby, Tiny ClangerAfter the gig, Anderson and Squire fire Peter Banks. The split is announced in MM on May 2.
24Sheffield UK Sheffield City Hall Yes cancels, is replaced by Taste.
??Devon UK Church Hill & Langly Farm Steve Howe joins Yes, band retires to the countryside to write and rehearse. Initial sessions were in a cottage called Church Hill, where the lyrics to Perpetual Change were written (YAB). After two weeks, Yes splits with Roy Flynn and soon hires Brian Lane (born Harvey Freed) of the Hemdale agency. Flynn's agreement with Hemdale to relinquish control of Yes includes giving him five percent of the band's earnings -- the infamous Five Percent for Nothing, though Flynn sees it quite differently, since he eventually had to sue Hemdale to get his money.(Welch) Also at this time, Mike Tait flies to New York to convince Atlantic not to drop Yes from its roster. Phil Carson also puts in a good word and convinces Ertegun to give Yes another try. Even more trivia: the name 'Brian Lane' (B. Lane) was derived from a hit record Freed had been involved in: Pink Floyd's Arnold Layne (A. Layne).(Welch)
??Leytonstone UK ? College Howe's first gig with Yes. Tony Kaye's rig is out of tune with Howe's and Squire's guitars, with disastrous effect. (Howe in YAB)
19London UK   Sweet Dreams b/w Dear Father (Atlantic 2091004) released in UK. Welch says June 20.
17London UK Lyceumw/Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Clark HutchinsonPossible source of Clap [THE YES ALBUM]. Setlist also includes a Howe/Squire bass duet called Adventures and Yes' arrangement of America, both worked up during the Devon sessions (Welch). Adventures is an early, and obviously quite different, arrangement of A Venture.
18Birmingham UK Mother's  
19Redcar UK Jazz Club 
25UK  TIME AND A WORD released in UK
26Croydon UK Fox At Greyhound 
31Plymouth UK Van Dike  
2Croydon UK Fox at Greyhoundw/Supertramp 
9Essex UK Plumpton Racecourse, "The 10th National Jazz, Pop, Ballads & Blues Festival"w/Deep Purple, John Hiseman's Colosseum, Juicy Lucy, Chris Barber, Caravan, Audience, Fat Mattress, Hard Meat, Van der Graaf Generator, Wishbone Ash, DaDa, Trevor Billmuss.I've Seen All Good People, Clap, America
14Leytonstone UK Red Lion Chez Club  
16Barkisland UK Krumlin, "The Yorkshire Folk, Blues & Jazz Festival"w/Ginger Baker's Airforce, Mungo Jerry, Taste, Edgar Broughton, Quintessence, Steamhammer, Mike Westbrook Concert Orchestra, National Head Band w/Their Heavy Friends, Greatest Show On Earth, Jan Dukes De Grey w/70 Piece Choir 
18London UK Marquee First 'solo' gig at the Marquee is also their swan song there.
21Barnstaple UK Magic Circus 
22London UK Village  
29Lincoln NE Baston Bar BQ 
31Redcar UK Jazz Club 
5Huy BEL Huy Festival 
6Dortmund GER Fantasio 
10Swansea UK Brarnwygh Town Hall 
11Swansea UK Town Hall 
12Colchester UK Corn Exchange 
18London UK Avery Hill Collegew/Uriah Heep, Information, Amazing Grace 
19Stortford UK Rhodes Centerw/Gin 
20Nottingham UK Boat Club 
22BirminghamMayfair Rooms 
23Cardiff UK Barry Memorial Hallw/Gipsy Universe 
26Margate UK Dreamland Ballroom 
27Croydon UK Fox at Greyhound  
28AberystwythUniversity Of South Wales 
1Scarborough UK Scene One And Two 
2Leicestershire UK Loughborough Universityw/Mayfields Mule, Purple Gang 
3Watford UK Watford College Of Technologyw/Band Of Roadies 
9Stratford UK West Ham Collegew/Noir 
10? UK Queen Mary Collegew/Edgar Broughton Band 
11London UK Advision Studios Working on THE YES ALBUM through Oct 30 70
15Dundee UK Dundee University 
16Newcastle UK Newcastle City Hall 
17Malvern UK Winter Garden 
20London UK BBC "Mike Harding Show" Recording broadcast Oct 27 70. America.
23Leeds UK Leeds University 
24Plymouth UK Van Dyke Club 
26Romford UK King's Headw/Canary Hunt 
30Guildford UK Surrey University 
31London UK Queen Elizabeth Hallw/Da DaTwo sets, at 6 and 9 pm. Astral Traveller, I've Seen All Good People, Clap, Yours is No Disgrace, Bass Odyssey, America (Welch). Bass Odyssey was a Squire solo, not a duet.
2Dunstable UK Dunstable Civic Hall FY; also, TIME AND A WORD released in the US
3Dunstable UK Dunstable Civic Hall 
5Bern SWI Chikito Club  
6Basel SWI   FY says Bern again
70Zurich SWI    
10Munich GER Blow-Up Club  
13London UK City of London Students Unionw/Jan Dukes De Grey 
14Bradford UK Bradford College 
20Lancaster UK University Of Lancaster 
21Oxford UK Oxford Polytechnic 
22Plymouth UK Van Dike Hallw/Clark Hutchinson 
23Basingstoke UK   Driving mishap (Squire's) puts Tony Kaye's leg in the cast seen on the cover of THE YES ALBUM
24? UK Bradford College CANCELLED
25Cambridge UK Corn Exchange 
27Carnarveron UK Southend Technical Collegew/Surly Bird, TankFY says Southend-on-Sea, Southend College of Technology
28Boston UK Starlight Roomsw/ Jan Dukes De Grey 
1London UK Marquee Club 
2Manchester UK College Of Art 
4Lancaster UK University Of Lancaster 
5Liverpool UK Liverpool Stadium 
8Newcastle UK City Hallw/Hardin & York 
9Hull UK Hull Universityw/The StrawbsRick Wakeman was a Strawb at this time, and at this gig he and Chris Squire get acquainted.
10Munich GER    
11WarringtonPaddgate College 
13Bromley UK. New Theaterw/Trader Horn 
14Dunstable UK Dunstable Civic Hall  
18London UK Lyceum, "Yes Xmas Party"w/Da Da, Clark Hutchinson, BlitzkriegWelch says Dec 20.
19Folkestone UK Heathcliff Hall 
20Cleethorpes UK Winter Gardens 
22Shrewsbury UK Music Hall 
26Brighton UK Big Apple 


3Croydon UK Fox at Greyhoundw/Curved Air 
8Eindhoven NETH  w/Iron ButterflyThe show ends in a Yes/Butterfly jam. Setlist includes Astral Traveller, Yours is No Disgrace, Clap, America. Bonus trivia: IB's first album, IN A GADDA DA VIDA, was also the first album to be certified platinum.
9Amsterdam NETH Concertgebouww/Iron Butterfly 
10Rotterdam NETH De Doelenw/Iron ButterflyAnother IB/Yes jam ends the show.(Welch)
13London UK Royal Albert Hall 
14Newcastle UK City Hallw/Iron Butterfly, Da Da 
15Lancaster UK University of Lancaster, "The Age Of Atlantic"w/Iron Butterfly, Da Da 
16Southsea UK Portsmouth Polyw/Iron Butterfly, Da Da 
17Bristol UK Colston Hallw/Iron Butterfly, Da Da 
18London UK Royal Albert Hallw/Iron Butterfly, Da DaLed Zeppelin were in the audience, and at the end of IB's set Robert Plant and Chris Welch went onstage to do some Elvis Presley tunes. (Welch)
19Birmingham UK  w/Iron Butterfly, Da Da 
21Southampton UK Guildhallw/Iron Butterfly, Da Da 
23Arhus DEN  w/Iron Butterfly 
24Stockholm SWE  w/Iron ButterflyOther souces say city was Gothenburg. Included a Yes/Butterfly jam
25Copenhagen DEN  w/Iron Butterfly 
28Bremen GER TV "Beat Club"  
29Lille FRA  w/Iron Butterfly 
30Lyons FRA  w/Iron Butterfly 
31Brussels BEL  w/Iron Butterfly 
1Paris FRA  w/Iron Butterfly 
2Paris FRA  w/Iron Butterfly 
5Barnstaple UK Queens Hall 
6Cardiff UK Llandaff Technical College CANCELLED due to a traffic accident
7Redcar UK Jazz Club also CANCELLED due to traffic accident
8Liege BEL  w/Iron Butterfly 
9Brussels BEL  w/Iron ButterflyAfter touring with Yes, Iron Butterfly 'more or less broke up' (Welch). Yes then bought IB's newfangled, state-of-the-art PA system -- paid for by Hemdale in exchange for some of Yes' publishing rights. (Welch).
12New Cross UKGoldsmith Collegew/The Tremolos, Southern Comfort, Alan Bown, Adge Cutler 
13Holborn UK LSE  
19Leeds UK Leeds University  
20Kingston UK Kingston Polytechnic Collegew/Queen 
27Dagenham UK Roundhouse Intro music is Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra
??London UK BBC TV 'Top of the Pops' Yes wanted to play the coveted 'album spot' part of the show, but apparently had to settle for less because the producers didn't like their music (Welch). This gig may actually be the April 1 gig listed below.
4Liverpool UK Liverpool Stadiumw/Jonathan Swift 
5Doncaster UK Top Rank Ballroomw/If, EggDave Stewart much later writes that Egg "blew Yes off the stage, though I probably shouldn't say so."
6Brighton UK Big Applew/Wicked Nun 
7Redcar UK Jazz Club  
9Birmingham UK Town Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
10Bournemouth UK Winter Gardenw/Jonathan Swift 
12Cardiff UK    
14Blackburn UK St. George Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
15Guildford UK Civic Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
16Nottingham UK Albert Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
17Guildford UK Civic Hall 
18Belfast UK Belfast University  
19? UK Stirling University Also, THE YES ALBUM released in the US
20Aviemore UK Ski Centre  
21Dunfermline UK Carnegie Hall  
22Glasgow UK City Hall  
25Harrogate UK Opera House 
27Berlin GER Berlin Arts Festival  
28Berlin GER Berlin Arts Festival  
30Wolverhampton UK City Hall  
1London UK BBC "Top Of The Pops" see March 71; also, sometimes sourced as August 7 1971. Starship Trooper, America
?Hemel Hempstead UKHemel Hempstead Pavilion 
6Manchester UK Free trade Hallw/Lancaster, Highly Inflammable 
8Leeds UK Town Hallw/Lancaster, Highly Inflammable 
10Surbiton UK Poperama Devizes  
12London UK BBC "Sound of the 70's" Recording broadcast Apr 23 71. Clap. It's unclear whether this is the YES ALBUM track or a new performance.
16Stuttgart GER Boblingen Sportshalle  
17Saarbrucken GER Saarlandhalle 
18Hamburg GER Musikhalle 
24Nelson UK Imperial 
25London UK Chalk Farm Roundhouse 
30Luton UK Recreation Centerw/Lancaster 
1Barking, UK Barking Polytechnic Collegew/Satisfaction 
2Stoke UK trentham Gardens  
6Chatham UK Central Hallw/Mick Abraham Band 
7Oxford UK Town Hallw/Mick Abraham Band 
9Rome IT Teatro Di Brancaccio Di Roma 
10Milan IT Teatro Lirico  
11Rome IT Teatro Di Brancaccio Di Roma 
14Birmingham UK Birmingham University  
15Norwich UK Lads Clubw/Groundhogs, Da Da 
16Leicester UK De Montford Hall  
21Liverpool UK Liverpool University  
22Manchester UK Manchester University 
23Harrogate UK Opera House 
29Exeter UK Exeter University FY
Jan-00Clacton UK Princess Theatre 
5Berlin GER Sportpalast  
9London UK   Yes announces "1st American Tour" -- 22 shows in 6 weeks, including 12 w/Jethro Tull. Yes don't bring they big PA with them, but while in the States they do meet Roy Clair, of Clair Bros., who would supply them with concert sound for years to come. Yes also brings Eddie Offord on tour with them, working alongside Clair as house engineer. (Welch)
18Southport UK Floral Hall 
??? TN   source: Welch, who says it was their first American gig.
24Edmonton AB  w/Jethro Tull 
25Vancouver BC  w/Jethro Tull 
26Seattle WA Coliseumw/Jethro Tull 
27Sacramento CA  w/Jethro TullDuring htis tour, Ian Anderson reportedly became unhappy when some of the audience seemed to like the opening act better than Tull. (Welch)
28West Hollywood CAWhisky A Go Go 
29Kansas City MOAuditoriumw/Jethro TullFY says same as 28th
30Oklahoma City, OKState Fairgroundsw/Jethro Tull 
??Minneapolis MN    
??Boston MA    
1San Antonio TX w/Jethro Tull 
2Dallas TX Dallas Memorial Coliseumw/Jethro Tull 
3Houston TX  w/Jethro Tull 
4New Orleans LAThe Warehousew/Jethro TullIt's Love.
??Deland FL Stetson University  
7Indianapolis IN National Guard Armory 
8Hampton Beach NHHampton Beach Casinow/Jethro Tull 
9Wildwood NJ Convention Centerw/Jethro TullAB&H interviewed on WMMR, Philadelphia
10Asbury Park NJConvention Hall 
11Alexandria VA Alexandria Roller Rinkw/Jethro Tull 
13Oxon Hill MD  
14Portchester NY Capitol Theater sp?
15Portchester NY Capitol Theater  
16Detroit MI Eastown Theaterw/Savage Grace, Humble Pie, The Soft Machine 
17Detroit MI Eastown Theaterw/Savage Grace, Humble Pie, The Soft Machine 
18Toronto CAN Borough Of York Stadium 
20Cleveland OH Allen Theater  
??Minneapolis MN   questionable
??Boston MA   questionable
23Bronx NY Gaelic Park It's Love
24New Haven CTYale Bowlw/Grand Funk Railroad 
31London UK Crystal Palace Bowl 
23London UK Crystal Palacew/Elton John, Fairport Convention, Rory Gallagher, Hookfoot, Tir Na NogTony Kaye's last gig with this version of Yes. Squire reports that one reason was ongoing animosity between Howe and Kaye, dating from when they had to share hotel rooms on tour. The other factor was Anderson's desire to get Rick Wakeman in the band.(Welch)
??London UK Over a brothel in Shepherd's Market Wakeman has an impromptu jam session with Yes, and when they're done, the result is Roundabout. Over the next few days they also compose Heart of the Sunrise. (Welch).
??London UK Advision Studios a month of FRAGILE sessions
24Devon UK Queen's Hall First gig with Rick Wakeman
25Devizes UK Town Hall  
30Leicester UK De Montford Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
1Manchester UK Free trade Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
2Bradford UK St. George's Hallw/Jonathan SwiftSouth Side of the Sky, The Fish.
3Hemel Hempstead UKThe Pavilionw/Jonathan SwiftPortions broadcast Jan 10 72 on BBC TV's "Sounding Out". On that show Squire is seen in the studio rehearsing part of his Fish solo.
4Aberdeen UK Music Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
6Glasgow UK Greens Playhousew/Jonathan Swift 
8London UK Royal Festival Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
9Edinburgh UK Empire Theatre CANCELLED due to traffic accident
10Dundee UK Caired Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
11Wolverhampton UK Civic Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
12Bristol UK Colston Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
13Sheffield UK City Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
15Stockton UK A.B.C.w/Jonathan Swift 
16Newcastle UK City Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
17Stoke UK Trentham Gardensw/Jonathan Swift 
18Birmingham UK Town Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
21Warwick UK Warwick Universityw/Jonathan Swift 
22Leeds UK Leeds Universityw/Jonathan Swift 
23Edinburgh UK Empire Theatrew/Jonathan Swift 
25Chatham UK Central Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
26Liverpool UK Stadiumw/Jonathan Swift 
27Southampton UK Guild Hall 
28Southampton UK Guild Hallw/Jonathan Swift 
29Rotterdam NETH  w/Jonathan SwiftCANCELLED
31Amsterdam NETH Concertgebouww/Jonathan Swift 
2Oakland CA Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum CANCELLED
3Los Angeles CAWhisky a Go Gow/Ten Years After, Mary Wells 
4Los Angeles CAWhisky a Go Gow/Ten Years After 
5Los Angeles CAWhisky a Go Gow/Ten Years After 
6Los Angeles CAWhisky a Go Gow/Ten Years After 
7Los Angeles CAWhisky a Go Gow/Ten Years After 
8San Francisco CAWinterlandw/Ten Years After 
8?Oakland CA Oakland Coliseumw/Black Sabbathreplaced the San Francisco show, according to one source. Yes' PA equipment stolen the night before, so they rent.
9San Diego CAColiseum  
10Inglewood CA Great Western Forum  
11Hollywood CA Forumw/Ten Years After, J. Geils Band 
12Philadelphia PA Spectrumw/ELPFRAGILE released in the UK
13Philadelphia PA Spectrum 
14Chicago IL Amphitheaterw/ELP 
15Detroit MI Eastown Theaterw/ELP 
16Detroit MI Eastown Theaterw/ELP 
17Detroit MI   FY says Elyria OH, Elyria Catholic High School
19Williamsburg VA William and Mary Memorial Hall 
20Durham NC    
21Deland FL The Pit 
22Atlanta GA Municipal Auditoriumw/ELP 
23New York NYAcademy of Musicw/King Crimson, Procol HarumFY says Baltimore for this date.
24Baltimore MD Lyric Theater FY says NYC Academy of Music
25New York NYAcademy Of Music 
27New York NYRitz Theater 
28Stony Brook NYPritchard Gymnasium 
30New York NYGenesio College 
??Gaithersburg MD Shady Grove Music Fairw/King Crimson, Iron Butterflyquestionable
??UK Jon AndersonMarries Jenny Baker..
??Providence RI Bryant College Gymw/The Blues ProjectHowe's acoustic guitar destroyed in transit; he borrows one from a BC student for performance of Clap. A Brown University gig has also been reported, possibly on another leg of the FRAGILE tour.
1Waterbury CT Palace Theatre 
2Cincinnati OH Ohio Reflections 
3AkronCivic Theatre 
4Gettysburg PA Gettysburg College 
5Plattsburgh PA Plattsburgh Orpheum 
6Pittsburgh PA Pittsburgh Civic Arena 
10Carlyle PA Penn Dickinson College  
11Garden City NYNassau Community College FY says 2 shows?
12Newark NJ State College 
14Boston MA Orpheum Theatre 
15Cleveland OH Allen Theatre 
16Oklahoma City People's Workshop 
17Houston TX Hofheinz Pavilion FY
18New Orleans LAWarehouse, The 


4 USA  FRAGILE released in the US
10London UK BBC TV "Sounding Out" Premiere of this show spotlights Yes, features performance clips from the Hemel Pavilion Oct 3 71.
14London UK Rainbow Theatrew/Shawn Philips 
15London UK Rainbow Theatrew/Shawn Philips 
19Leuven BEL University Of Leuven 
20Antwerp BEL Cinema Roma 
21Amsterdam NETH Concertgebouw 
22Brussels BEL    
23Rotterdam NETH De Doelen  
26?Mentor OH Lakeland Community College bloody unlikely
28Bristol UK Top Rank Suite 
29Boston UK Starlight Roomsw/Curved Air. 
30Bristol UK Colston Hall 
31Manchester UK Free Trade Hall  
1London UK Advision Studios into the studio to record America. Also, first sessions for CLOSE TO THE EDGE (Welch)?
2London UK Advision Studios Second America/CTTE session [Welch]. Welch may be wrong, given May 1972 below, and in that case these sessions were only for recording America. Also around this time, Anderson and Howe record a session with Johnny Harris for ALL TO BRING YOU MORNING. There's also talk of an orchestral version of Mood for a Day.
5Boston UK Starlight Roomsw/Curved Air 
15Providence RI First show of 3rd American tour.  
18Bethany WV Bethany College 
19New York NYAcademy of Music [YESSONGS: Possible source of Perpetual Change and Long Distance Runaround/The Fish]. Source: Australian CttE tour program.
20Buffalo NY Kleinhans Music Hall Auditorium 
21New York NYAcademy of Music [YESSONGS: Possible source of Perpetual Change and Long Distance Runaround/The Fish]. Source: Australian CttE tour program. FY says Asbury Park Sunshine Inn
22Princeton NJ McCarter Theater 
23New York NYAcademy of Music Two shows. [YESSONGS: Possible source of Perpetual Change and Long Distance Runaround/The Fish]. Source: Australian CttE tour program.
24Burlington VT University Of Vermont 
25Staten Island NYRitz Theaterw/SweathogSouth Side of the Sky. FY says Smithfield RI, Bryant College Gym
26Passaic NJ Capital Theatre 
27Waterbury CT Palace Theatre 
29New York NYRitz Theater 
1Rochester NY Rochester Auditorium Center 
2Syracuse NY Onondaga County War Memorial 
3Richmond VA Richmond Coliseum 
4Virginia Beach VAVirginia Beach Dome  
5Norfolk VA Norfolk Scope 
6Wilmington NC Hanover Hall UNC-W  
7Kutztown PA Kutztown State College 
8Shippensburg PA   
10San Francisco CAWinterlandw/Wild Turkey, Black Sabbath 
11San Francisco CAWinterland Theatre 
13Denver CO Denver Coliseum 
14Spokane WA Coliseum 
15Los Angeles CALos Angeles Forum 
16Tucson AZ Tuscon Community Center Convention Hall 
17San Bernardino CASwing Auditoriumw/Black SabbathFY
18San Diego CASan Diego Sports Arena 
19Las Vegas Las Vegas Convention Center Rotunda 
21Chicago IL Arie Crown Theatre 
22Detroit MI Cobo Hall 
23Cincinnati OH Music Hall 
24South Bend Morris Civic Auditorium 
25Columbus OH Veterans Memorial Hall FY
26Mentor OH Lakeland Community College South Side of the Sky.
27Boston MA Aquarius Theaterw/King CrimsonLast stop of US tour. Bruford asks Fripp about joining Crimson. Fripp responds: "I think you're ready now, Bill." Bruford was 22 years old at the time. (Welch/YESYEARS)
??London UK Una Billings School of Dance rehearsals for CLOSE TO THE EDGE (Welch)
27Lincoln NE Great Western Express FestivalSteve Howe, Jon Anderson and Stone the Crows 
??London UK Advision Studios Recording CLOSE TO THE EDGE through mid-July
16London UK Royal AcademySteve Howe and The Philomusica Orchestra conducted by David Palmer 
19London UK Advision Studios With CLOSE TO THE EDGE finished, and having played 594 gigs with Yes, Bruford quits and heads for crimson pastures. Alan White had already sat in with them on Siberian Khatru in studio rehearsals.
22London UK   Alan White joins Yes. Date is questionable; the standard story is that White had three days to learn the setlist, which would put the actual date at either the 23rd or the 27th.
26Edwardsville, IL Southern Illinois University "Mississippi River Festival" CANCELLED. White needs time to learn the tunes.
27Louisville KY   CANCELLED, rescheduled for Aug 18
28?Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseumw/The EaglesAlan White introduced as Yes' 'drummer-in-residence' by JA. The date or place is probably wrong -- several sources say White's first gig was in Dallas.FY says CANCELLED.
29Little Rock, ARBarton Coliseum CANCELLED
30Dallas TX Memorial Auditorium White's first gig. (Welsh, YAB). Set includes America, Siberian Khatru, And You And I
31Houston TX Hofheinz Pavilion  
1Oklahoma City OKFairgrounds Arena  
3Denver CO Denver Coliseum  
4Long Beach CALong Beach Arenaw/Eagles, Edgar Winter 
5Berkeley CA Berkeley Community Theaterw/Edgar Winter 
6Oregon City ORPortland Memorial Coliseum FY says Portland
7Vancouver BC Pacific Coliseum  
8Seattle WA Seattle Center Coliseum  
10Dayton OH Hara Arena  
11Akron OH Rubber Bowlw/Mahavishnu Orchestra (?) 
12Asbury Park NJConvention Hall  
13Columbia MD Columbia Post Pavilion FY says Merriweather, but that name wasn't in use yet.
14Hartford CT Dillon Stadiumw/Eagles, Edgar WinterSetlist includes Close to the Edge, reportedly its only US performance.
15Philadelphia PA Spectrum Arena  
16Bronx NY Gaelic Park?  
18Louisville KY Convention Center make-up date for cancelled Jul 29 gig.
20Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseum 
21St. Louis MOKeil Auditorium  
2London UK Crystal Palace, "The 3rd Garden Party"w/Lindisfarne, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Gary Wright's Wonderwheel, Capability BrownLive premier of title track Close to the Edge according to some sources but see Aug 14.
4Glasgow UK Kelvin Hall  
5Glasgow UK Kelvin Hall  
8UK,US  CLOSE TO THE EDGE released in UK and US (see Sep 13)
9Bristol UK Colston Hall 
10Manchester UK Bell Vue FY says Kings Hall
12Newcastle UK City Hall  
13US  CLOSE TO THE EDGE released in the US (source: YESYEARS)
15Miami FL Hollywood Sportatorium Opens "5th American Tour" through early October - 3 weeks, 17 shows. FY says Hollywood FL.
16Tampa FL Curtis Hixon Hall 
17Jacksonville FL Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum 
??Bowling Green OH  questionable
19Cincinnati OH   
20Indianapolis IN Indiana Convention Center 
21Detroit MI Cobo Hall 
22Chicago IL Arie Crown Theatre 
23Chicago IL Arie Crown Theatre 
25Milwaukee WI Mecca Arena 
26Boston MA Music Hallw/The Eagles 
27Richmond VA Richmond Coliseum  
29New Orleans LAMorris F X Jeff Municipal Auditorium quad sound,reportedly videotaped
30Atlanta GA  w/Eaglesreportedly videotaped
1Tuscaloosa AL Memorial Coliseum, U.of ALw/The Eagles 
2Columbia SC Carolina Coliseum  
3Charlotte SC Charlotte Coliseum  
28Millersville PA Sports Arena Starts 6th American tour, through 20th November, 19 shows.
29Syracuse NY Onondaga County War Memorial 
30Kitchener ON University of Waterloo  
31Toronto CAN Maple Leaf Gardens  
1Ottowa ON National Theater Roundabout [YESSONGS CD]
3Middletown OH   
4Columbus OH St. John's Arena 
5Eire PA   
7Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Civic Arenaw/J. Geils 
8Huntington WV Huntington Civic Center Arena 
9Norfolk VA Scope Theaterw/Tranquility 
10Roanoke VA Roanoke Civic Center Coliseum 
11Durham NC Duke Universityw/Tranquility 
12Greensboro NC Greensboro Coliseum 
14Athens GA U. of GA Coliseum  
?Knoxville TN Knoxville Civic Auditorium 
17Terre Haute INTilson Auditorium  
18South Bend INNotre Dame ACC Siberian Khatru, I've Seen All Good People, Heart of the Sunrise, Mood for a Day, Clap, And You and I, Close to the Edge, Wakeman solo, Roundabout, Yours is No Disgrace
20Uniondale NY Nassau Coliseum  
15London UK Rainboww/Badger[YESSONGS: Close to the Edge, Starship Trooper]
16London UK Rainboww/Badger[YESSONGS: Close to the Edge, Starship Trooper]
17Manchester UK Hardrockw/Badger 


19US Rick WakemanSIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII released in US
3UK?? At Bill Brufordĺs wedding, Jamie Muir gives Jon Anderson a copy of 'Autobiography of a Yogi', which soon inspires TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS
6-7in flight  On the flight from London to Toyko, Jon Anderson and Roger Dean discuss John Michell's 'The View Over Atlantis', a book for which Dean had recently painted a cover, and which proved a rich source of ideas for both of them for TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS
8Tokyo JAP Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan As legend has it, Anderson was thumbing through his copy of 'Autobiography of a Yogi' one night on the Japanese tour, when he became fascinated by a footnote on page 83...
9Tokyo JAP Shibuya Koukaidou Colours of the Rainbow
10Tokyo JAP Kanda Kyoritsu Koudou  
11Nagoya JAP Nagoya-shi Koukaido  
12Osaka JAP Kousei Nennkin Kaikan Sakura Sakura
14Kyoto JAP Kyoto Kaikan  
19Brisbane AUS Festival Hall Cans and Brahms excerpt. According to the album notes, much of Tales was conceived during late-night hotel sessions on the 1973 Australian and US tours
21Adelaide AUS Apollo Stadium  
23Melbourne AUS Melbourne Festival Hall  
26Sydney AUS Hordern Pavilion  
27Sydney AUS Hordern Pavilion 
29Auckland NZ Western Springs CANCELLED
30Wellington UK Athletic Park CANCELLED
31Christchurch NZ Christchurch Town Hall CANCELLED
4San Diego CASports Palace start of 7th American tour
5Los Angeles CALos Angeles Forum  
6Las Vegas NVIce Palace  
7San Francisco CAWinterlandw/Focus, Poco 
8Albuquerque NM Johnson Gym-U. of NMw/Poco 
9Phoenix AZ Civic Plaza  
11Bloomington MN Metropolitan Sports Center FY
12Oklahoma City OKFairgrounds Arena  
14Houston TX Hofheinz Pavilion  
15Dallas TX Memorial Auditorium 
16Kansas City MOKeil Opera Housew/Poco 
17Kansas City MOKeil Opera Housew/PocoFY says St Louis, Keil Aud.
18Nashville TN Municipal Auditorium 
19Atlanta GA Alexander Memorial Coliseumw/ Poco, Les Moore 
20Savannah GA Savannah Civic Center 
21Tampa FL Curtis Hixon Hallw/PocoFY says Tampa Stadium
22West Palm Beach FL West Palm Beach Auditorium  
??Chicago IL (?)   
??Greensboro NC (?)   
27UK  YESSONGS released in UK and US (? -- see below). Hits number 7 in UK charts, and numb er 12 in the US.
1Acapulco MEX Salle University 
1London UK BBC TV "Old Grey Whistle Test" 35 min version of YESSONGS movie broadcast.
4US  YESSONGS released in US (source: YESYEARS)
5SOUTH AMERICA   South American tour set to begin, through May 15. TOUR CANCELLED.
20London UK Morgan Studios Into the studio for TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS sessions, to September
??UK  w/Claire Hammill
??London UK  Squire/White/Kayesessions with Eddie Harris for E.H. IN THE U.K.
26UK  TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS released in UK; first British LP to'ship gold' under new record sales ratings system
1London UK BBC Studios 
16Bournemouth UK Winter Garden  
17Bournemouth UK Winter Garden  
18Bristol UK Hippodrome  
19Portsmouth UK Guildhall  
20London UK Rainbow Theatre  
21London UK Rainbow Theatre  
22London UK Rainbow Theatre  
23London UK Rainbow Theatre  
24London UK Rainbow Theatre Wakeman quits, but is convinced to stick it out until the end of the Tales tours.
25Oxford UK New Theatre  
26Leicester UK De Montfort Hall  
27Sheffield UK City Hall  
28Manchester UK Free trade Hall One of these Free trade Hall gigs was where the famous 'curry' incident takes place. Rick has his Indian dinner delivered to him *during* the performance of Tales. Anderson has a papadam. Howe has a fit.(Welch).
29Manchester UK Free trade Hall  
30Liverpool UK Empire  
1Cardiff UK Capitol  
2Stoke UK Trentham Gardens  
3Birmingham UK Hippodrome  
4Birmingham UK Hippodrome  
5Edinburgh UK Empire or Edinburgh Playhouse  
6Glasgow UK Apollo Centre  
7Glasgow UK Apollo Centre  
8Newcastle UK City Hall  
9Newcastle UK City Hall  
10Edinburgh UK Empire  


18London UK Royal Festival HallWakemanJOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH recorded
7Gainesville FL University of Florida starts 9th (?) American tour. Afternoon and evening shows played at some locations.
8Miami FL Miami Stadium  
9Tampa FL Tampa Stadium Wakeman solos during 'intermission'.
10Columbia SC USC Coliseum  
11Atlanta GA Georgia Tech. FY says Alexander Mem. Col.
12Roanoke VA Civic Center  
13Baltimore MD Civic Centerw/John Martynrestive audience chants for Roundabout in between TALES pieces.
14Hempstead NY Nassau Coliseum two shows; only Sides 1 & 4 in afternoon sets
15New Haven CTNew Haven Coliseum  
16Philadelphia PA Spectrum two shows; only Sides 1 & 4 in afternoon sets
18New York NYMadison Square Garden Yes' gross for the two MSG shows is $200,000 (Welch)
20New York NYMadison Square Garden  
21Pittsburgh PA Civic Arena  
22Toronto CAN Maple Leaf Gardensw/John Martyn 
23Binghamton NY Broome County Arena  
24Ithaca NY Cornell University  
25Montreal QU Forumw/John Martyn 
26Boston MA Boston Gardens  
27Detroit MI Cobo Hall  
28Detroit MI Cobo Hall  
1Hershey PA Hershey Arena  
2*Louisville KY Convention Centerw/John Martynsides 1 & 4 only
3Cinncinnati OH Cincinnati Gardens  
4Cinncinnati OH?   Yes signs pact to carry on into 21st century! Honest!
5Minneapolis MN Met Sports Center  
6Chicago IL Amphitheater  
7Chicago IL Amphitheater  
8St. Louis MOKiel Auditorium  
10Memphis TN Cook Convention Center  
11Oklahoma City OKFairgrounds Arena South Side of the Sky (?)
12Wichita KS Century II Civic Center  
13Albuquerque NM UNM Pit Arena  
15San Francisco CAWinterlandw/ Charlie Starrquadraphonic sound; The Remembering not played.
16San Francisco CAWinterlandw/Charlie Starras above.
17Sacramento CA Memorial Auditorium  
18Los Angeles CAForum  
19Long Beach CAArena  
20Fresno CA Selland Arena  
21San Diego CASports Arena The Remembering not played. End of US tour?
23San Antonio TXSan Antonio Civic Center 
24Baton Rouge Louisiana State University 
25Dallas TX Memorial Auditorium 
04Frankfurt GER   The band make a flying visit to Frankfurt where they are presented with Gold Discs for Yessongs (Source: Records & Radio Mirror April 6 1974)
11Frankfurt GER   Wakeman claims he left Yes after this show (Welch), but he must have come back.
12Munich GER Olympia Hall The Remembering not played.
13Munich GER Olympiahalle 
14Ludwigshafen GER Friedrich Ebert Halle  
15Stuttgart GER Neue Messehalle some sources say show was in Sindeldingen
16Dortmund GER Westfalenhalle  
17Rotterdam NETH Ahoy-Halle Wakeman appears with broken leg. (Moral: never try to leave Yes *before* the tour is over.)
19Paris FRA Palais Des Sports De Paris  
21Zurich SWI Hallenstadion Zčrich  
23Rome IT Palazzo Di Palaeur Dello Sport  
18London UK  Rick WakemanFormally quits Yes on his 25th birthday.
??London UK  Rick WakemanAdmitted to hospital after having a heart attack.
??London UK  various keyboardists More South American gigs cancelled; keyboardists auditioned or considered include Vangelis, Jean Roussel, Keith Emerson; work on RELAYER starts
7London UK Chris Squire's housePatrick MorazAttends his first Yes rehearsal, on Brian Lane's invitation. Moraz' parts for Sound Chaser are recorded the same day. He comes up with his To Be Over solo within another day or two.
??London UK press announcement that Moraz to join Yes.
8Columbus OH Ohio State U. w/Gryphonopens 1974 American Winter Tour. Not in tourbook. RELAYER lyrics read from cue cards. FY says St. John's Arena.
13Madison WI Dane County Coliseum first show in tourbook
14South Bend INNotre Dame U.  
15Indianapolis IN Convention Centre  
16Normal IL Illinois State Univ.  
17St. Louis MOKeil Auditorium  
18Detroit, MI Cobo Hall  
20New York NYMadison Square Gardenw/Gryphonreviewed in the New York Times.
21Buffalo NY Memorial Auditorium  
22Cleveland OH Coliseum FY says Richfield OH, Coliseum
23Charleston WVA Charleston Civic Centre  
24Greensboro NC Greensboro Coliseum bootlist says Miami FL
25Knoxville TN Civic Coliseum  
28Hollywood FL Sportatorium RELAYER released in the UK. FY says Hollywood FL, Jai Alai Fronton.
29Lakeland FL Lakeland Civic Centre  
30Atlanta GA Omni  
1Baton Rouge LALouisiana State U.  
2Houston TX Astrodome  
3Houston TX Astrodome not in tourbook
4Fort Worth TXTarrant County Convention Center  
5Tulsa OK Civic Center RELAYER released in the US. South Side of the Sky
6Lawrence KS UK Allen Fieldhouse tourbook says Wichita. Quad sound
7Iowa City IAUI Fieldhouse  
8Louisville KY Convention Center  
10New Haven CTVeterans Memorial Coliseum tourbook says Springfield MA
11Boston MA Boston Garden taped for King Biscuit Flower Hour
12Baltimore MD Civic Center  
13Pittsburgh PA Civic Center  
14Philadephia PA Spectrumw/Carmen 
15Cincinnati OH Cincinnati Gardens  
16Chicago IL International Amphitheatre  
17St. Paul MNSt. Paul Civic Centerw/Gryphonend-of-tour jam w/Gryphon on South Side of the Sky


??UStheaters everywhere 
27USA  YESTERDAYS released in the US
28London UK Commonwealth Institute "Guitarists' Allstar Concert"Howe w/John Williams, Kevin Peek, Juan Martin, et al. 
29?London UK   questionable
14UK  YESTERDAYS released in the UK
15Newcastle UK City Hall On this tour, Ritual includes a quote from The Remembering
16Newcastle UK City Hall  
17Newcastle UK City Hall  
18Glasgow UK Apollo  
19Glasgow UK Apollo  
20Edinburgh UK Usher Hall  
21Edinburgh UK Usher Hall  
23Preston UK Guildhall  
24Leicester UK De Montfort Hall  
25Leicester UK De Montfort Hall  
27Liverpool UK Empire  
28Liverpool UK Empire  
29Manchester UK Palace  
30Manchester UK Palace  
2Cardiff UK Capitol  
3Cardiff UK Capitol  
5Bristol UK Colston Hall  
6Bristol UK Colston Hall 
7Bristol UK(?)    
10London UK Queen's Park Rangers Football Groundsw/Gryphon, Ace, Seals & Croftsvideotaped [YES AT QPR]
12Southampton UK Gaumont  
13Southampton UK Gaumont other sources say the bootleg is from May 12.
14Southampton UK Gaumont 
17Stoke UK Victoria Football Groundsw/Gryphon, Ace, Sensational Alex Harvey Band 
17Denver CO Denver Coliseumw/AceStart of US tour.
18Salt Lake City UT Salt Palace Convention Centerw/Ace 
19Las Vegas NEConvention Center Rotundaw/Ace 
20Tucson AZ Community Center Convention Hallw/Ace 
21Los Angeles CAHollywood Bowlw/Ace 
22Tempe AZ Tempe Stadium (Feyline Fields)w/Ace 
23Long Beach CALong Beach Arenaw/Ace 
24San Diego CASports Arenaw/Ace 
25San Francisco CACow Palacew/Ace 
27Vancouver CAN Pacific Coliseumw/Ace 
28Seattle WA Seattle Center Coliseumw/Ace 
29Portland OR Portland Memorial Coliseumw/Ace 
2Lincoln NE Pershing Municipal Auditoriumw/Ace 
3Kansas City MOMunicipal Auditoriumw/Ace 
4Chicago IL Chicago Stadiumw/Ace 
5Evansville IN Roberts Municipal Stadiumw/Ace 
6Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseumw/Ace 
7Little Rock AKBarton Coliseumw/Ace 
8Nashville TN Nashville War Memorial Auditoriumw/Ace 
9Edwardsville IL Southern Illinois U. "Mississippi River Festival"w/Ace 
10Indianapolis IN Market Square Arenaw/Ace 
11Cleveland OH Cleveland Municipal Stadiumw/Ace, Michael Stanley Band, Joe Walsh 
12Buffalo NY Buffalo Bill Stadiumw/Ace 
13Jersey City NJRoosevelt Stadiumw/Ace
15Fort Wayne INAllen County War Memorial Coliseumw/Ace 
16Milwaukee WI Mecca Arenaw/Ace 
18Montreal QU Montreal Forumw/Ace 
19Toronto CAN Maple Leaf Gardensw/Ace 
20Ypsilanti MI Rynearson Stadiumw/Ace 
21Philadelphia PA Spectrum Arenaw/Acetrue source of at least some 'JFK June 12 1976' bootlegs. 'High Vibration' segment of Awaken is played.
22Philadelphia PA Spectrum Arenaw/Ace 
23Providence RI Providence Civic Centerw/AceFY
24Landover MD w/Ace Not in tourbook, but verified by ticket stub from an attendee
8?Houston TX Holfheinz Pavilionw/Acequestionable
23Reading UK 15th Reading Festivalw/Mahavishnu, Zebra, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Supertramp, Thin Lizzy, Snafu, 18 othersIncludes a more-developed version of High Vibration.
??UK Anderson and VangelisRecording of So Long Ago So Clear
11Greensboro NC   questionable
19New York, NY U.S. Premiere of YESSONGS, the movie (source: IMDB)
31UK HoweBEGINNINGS released in UK
7UK SquireFISH OUT OF WATER released in UK
19USA HoweBEGINNINGS released in US
9London UK BBC TV "Old Grey Whistle Test"Howe and SquireSolo promotional videos; these also appear on US TV's Don Kirschner's Rock Concert around this time.
30USA SquireFISH OUT OF WATER released in US


27UK WhiteRAMSHACKLED released in UK
19UK MorazSTORY OF I released in UK
15USA White and MorazRAMSHACKLED and STORY OF I released in US
26Roanoke VA Civic CenterRehearsal 
27Roanoke VA Civic Center Rehearsal. One of these rehearsals was bootlegged, and includes The Remembering, I'm Down, Flight of the Moorglade. Often listed as Jun 6 76 Millersville PA.
28Roanoke VA Civic Center Setlist includes material from all solo albums
29Hampton Roads VAHampton Coliseum  
30Charleston WVA Civic Center  
31Johnson City TNFreedom Hall Unverified report says they played The Remembering.
1Birmingham AL   FY says Nashville
2Nashville TN Municipal Auditorium not in FY
3Atlanta GA Omni Premiere of I'm Down.
4Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseum  
5Jackson MS   They were still playing solo album material at this point, Alan White's later claim to the contrary notwithstanding.
6Huntsville AL Van Braun Civic Center  
8Cincinnatti OH Riverfront Coliseum  
9Binghamton NY Civic Center replaces Hershey PA' FY says Broome County Arena
10Providence RI Civic Center  
12Philadelphia PA JFK Stadiumw/Pousette-Dart Band, Gary Wright, The Mummers, Peter FramptonYes' largest gig (100, 000) in the 70's.
13Washington DC RFK Stadiumw/Pousette-Dart Band, Ace, Gary Wright, Peter Frampton 
16Hempstead NY Nassau Coliseum Replaces Jersey City, NJ
17Jersey City NJRoosevelt Stadiumw/Pousette-Dart Band) Squire/Howe/WhiteSolo album material mostly dropped by now. Your friendly Yesgigs compiler's first Yes concert. [YESYEARS: I'm Down]
18Boston MA Boston Gardens  
19Hartford CT Colt Park Starship Trooper
20Rochester NY Memorial Auditorium  
21Kalamazoo MI Wing Stadium  
22Pittsburgh PA Civic Arena  
24Columbia SC USC Coliseum  
25Savannah GA Civic Center  
26Tampa FL Tampa Stadium  
29USA,UK AndersonOLIAS OF SUNHILLOW released
17Anaheim CA Anaheim Stadiumw/Gary Wright, Gentle Giant, Peter Frampton 
18San Diego CABalboa Stadium  
20San Francisco CACow Palacew/Gentle GiantReplaces Oakland CA. GG booed off the stage by philistine Yes fans.
22Vancouver BC Pacific Coliseum Clap incorporates On Wings of Gold
23Seattle WA Coliseum Close to the Edge
24Spokane WA Spokane Arenaw/Gentle Giant 
25Portland OR Coliseum  
27Salt Lake City UT Salt Palace  
28Denver CO McNichols Sports Arenaw/Gentle GiantInside source says, "That was a dreadful gig! It barely sold 3, 000 tickets."
30El Paso TXColiseum  
31Phoenix AZ Coliseum  
1Las Vegas NV w/RenaissanceThis seems to have been another sparsely-attended gig.
3Fresno CA Selland Arena 
4Corpus Christi TX  CANCELLED
6San Antonio TXCivic Center FY says Dallas Moody Col.
7Fort Worth TXTarrant County Convention Ctr. FY says San Antone, Muni Aud
8Houston TX Holfheinz Pavilion  
10Oklahoma City OKMyriad Arena CANCELLED
11St. Louis MOKiel Auditorium  
12Louisville KY Freedom Hall Coliseum  
13Columbus OH St. John's Arena  
14Cicero IL Hawthorne Race Trackw/Peter Frampton, Gary Wright, Lynyrd SkynyrdOriginally scheduled for Chicago (Comisky Park).
15St. Paul MNCivic Auditorium  
16Milwaukee WI Mecca Arenaw/Natural Gas 
17Detroit MI Cobo Hall [YESSHOWS: Ritual, Gates of Delerium)
18Detroit MI Cobo Hall  
19Detroit MI Cobo Hall  
20Toledo OH Toledo Sports Arena FY; replaces cancelled Indianapolis IN Market Square Arena
21Cleveland OH Coliseum FY says Richfield
22Fort Wayne INAllen County War Memorial Coliseum Replaced Aug 20 show
??Montreux SWI Mountain Studios Into the studio for GOING FOR THE ONE
??Montreux SWI   Moraz and Yes part company
??UK Wakeman/Wetton/BrufordRehearsals for aborted supergroup.
??Monstreux SWI Wakeman  
6London UK MM Wakeman's return to Yes announced.


12USA  GOING FOR THE ONE released in US
15UK  GOING FOR THE ONE released in UK
??Lititz PA   Rehearsals
30Toledo OH Toledo Sports Arenaw/DonovanTwo editions of world tour program were printed. Info here as is per the later version.
31Wheeling WVA Wheeling Civic Center, Thew/Donovan 
1Hampton Roads VAHampton Coliseumw/Donovan 
2Philadelphia PA Spectrum Arenaw/Donovan 
3Philadelphia PA Spectrum Arenaw/Donovan 
5New York NYMadison Square Gardenw/Donovanreviewed in the New York Times.
6New York NYMadison Square Gardenw/Donovan 
7New York NYMadison Square Gardenw/Donovan 
8New Haven CTVeterans Memorial Coliseumw/Donovan 
9New Haven CTVeterans Memorial Coliseumw/Donovan 
10Springfield MA Civic Centerw/Donovan 
12Boston MA Boston Gardensw/Donovan 
13Boston MA Boston Gardensw/Donovan 
14Portland ME Cumberland County Civic Centerw/Donovan 
15Providence RI Civic Centerw/Donovan 
16Washington DC Capitol Centerw/DonovanElvis dies, Yes carries on.
17Cleveland OH  w/DonovanFY says Richmond, Col.
18Cleveland OH  w/DonovanFY says Kalamazoo, Wing Sta.
19Pittsburgh PA Pittsburgh Civic Arenaw/Donovan 
20Buffalo NY Rich Stadiumw/Donovan 
22Detroit MI Cobo Hallw/DonovanOne of these two nights was bootlegged
23Detroit MI Cobo Hallw/Donovan 
25Atlanta GA Omni Coliseum, Thew/Donovan 
26Birmingham AL Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Centerw/Donovan 
27Nashville TN Municipal Auditoriumw/Donovan, Nashville Cats 
28Louisville KY Freedom Hall Coliseumw/Donovan 
29Cincinnati OH Riverfront Coliseumw/Donovan 
30Indianapolis IN Market Square Arenaw/Donovan 
31Madison WI Dane County Memorial Coliseumw/Donovan 
1*Milwaukee WI Mecca Arenaw/Donovan 
2Chicago IL International Amphitheaterw/Donovan 
3Chicago IL International Amphitheaterw/Donovan 
17Vancouver BC Coliseumw/Donovan 
18Seattle WA Seattle Center Coliseumw/Donovan 
19Seattle WA Seattle Center Coliseumw/Donovan 
20Portland OR Portland Memorial Coliseum 
21Oakland CA Oakland Coliseumw/Donovan 
22Oakland CA Oakland Coliseumw/Donovan 
23Los Angeles CALA Forumw/Donovan 
24Los Angeles CALA Forumw/Donovan 
25San Diego CASan Diego Sports Arenaw/Donovan 
26Long Beach CALong Beach Arenaw/DonovanGoing for the One
27Las Vegas NEAladdin Theatrew/Donovan 
29El Paso TXEl Paso County Coliseumw/Donovan 
30Abilene TX Abilene Civic Centerw/Donovan 
??US WakemanCRIMINAL RECORD released in US
1Houston TX Sam Houston Coliseumw/Donovan 
2Dallas TX Moody Coliseumw/Donovan 
3Oklahoma City OKMyriad Arenaw/Donovan 
4St. Louis MOKiel Auditoriumw/Donovan 
5St. Louis MOKiel Auditoriumw/Donovan 
6Kansas City MOKemper Arenaw/Donovan 
7Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseumw/DonovanReplaces tourbook listing of Jackson MS.
8Jackson MS Mississippi Coliseumw/Donovanreplaces tourbook listing of Shreveport LA.
9New Orleans LAMunicipal Auditoriumw/Donovan 
24London UK Wembley Arenaw/Donovan 
25London UK Wembley Arenaw/Donovan 
26London UK Wembley Arenaw/Donovan 
27London UK Wembley Arenaw/Donovan 
28London UK Wembley Arenaw/Donovan 
29London UK Wembley Arenaw/Donovan 
1UK WakemanCRIMINAL RECORD released in UK
2Stafford UK New Bingley Hallw/DonovanStarts 2 hours late due to power failure. Donovan is booed and pelted with cans, undeservedly. And the bass is missing from the first half of Parallels due to technical problems, much to Squire's annoyance.
3Stafford UK New Bingley Hallw/Donovan 
4Stafford UK New Bingley Hallw/Donovan 
6Glasgow UK Apollow/Donovan 
7Glasgow UK Apollow/Donovan 
8Glasgow UK Apollow/Donovanvideotaped
10Copenhagen DEN  w/DonovanFY says the 13th
11Oslo NOR Ekeberghallenw/DonovanThe next day's concert review in Norwegian newpaper wonders why a well-known star like Donovan is supporting relative unknowns like Yes.
12Gothenburg SWE Scandinaviumw/Donovan 
13Copenhagen DEN Falkoner Teater 
14Hanover GER Musikhalle Hannoverw/Donovan 
15Dortmund GER Westfalenhallew/Donovan 
16Dusseldorf GER Philips Hallew/Donovan 
18Frankfurt GER Festhallew/Donovan[YESSHOWS: Going for the One]
19Nurenberg GER Messehallew/Donovan 
20Zurich SWZ Hallenstadion Zčrichw/Donovan 
21Heidelberg GER Stadthallew/Donovan 
23Munich GER Olympiahallew/Donovan 
24Rotterdam NETH Ahoy-Hallew/Donovan[YESSHOWS: Parallels, Wondrous Stories]
25Rotterdam NETH Ahoy-Hallew/Donovan 
26Antwerp BEL Sportpalaisw/Donovan 
27Bremen GER Stadthallew/Donovan 
28Berlin GER Deutschlandhallew/Donovan 
29Cologne GER Sporthallew/Donovan 
1Paris FRA Eberhard-Bauer-Hallew/DonovanBootlist says Esslingen GER. Nous Sommes du Soleil.
2Paris FRA Parc Des Expositionsw/Donovan 
4Lyon FRA Le Transporteur De Lyonw/Donovan 
5Paris FRA Pavillon De Parisw/Donovan 
6Paris FRA Pavillon De Parisw/DonovanEnd of tour as per later tourbook.
7Madrid SPA  w/Donovan 
8Madrid SPA  w/DonovanEnd of tour as per earlier tourbook.
22London UK Wembley Arena "Christmas Concert"Wakeman and The Wren Orchestra 


??London UK Advision Studios TORMATO sessions begin
28Rochester NY Memorial Auditorium  
29Buffalo NY Memorial Auditorium  
30Boston MA Boston Gardens Release, Release
31Boston MA Boston Gardens  
1Providence RI Civic Center  
2Springfield MA Civic Center Release, Release replaced by Don't Kill the Whale from here on. Bummer.
3New Haven CTColiseum  
4New Haven CTColiseum  
6New York NYMadison Square Garden  
7New York NYMadison Square Garden  
8New York NYMadison Square Garden TORMATO released in UK
9New York NYMadison Square Garden  
10Largo MD Capitol Centre FY says Landover
11Philadelphia PA Spectrum  
12Philadelphia PA Spectrum  
13Hampton Roads VAColiseum  
14Greenboro NC Coliseum  
16Nashville TN Municipal Auditorium  
17Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseum  
19Cleveland OH Richfield Coliseum*  
20Cincinatti OH Riverfront  
21Detroit MI Olympia Stadium  
22South Bend INNotre Dame  
23Chicago IL Amphitheater  
24Chicago IL Amphitheater  
25Indianapolis IN    
26USA  TORMATO released in US
27Kansas City MOKemper Arena  
28St. Louis MOCheckerdome  
29Tulsa OK    
30Houston TX    
1Ft. Worth TXTarrant County Convention Center  
3Tucson AZ Coliseum  
4Phoenix AZ Coliseum  
5Los Angeles CAForum  
6Los Angeles CAForum  
7Oakland CA Coliseum [CLASSIC YES: Roundabout (accompanied by the Oakland Raiders' cheerleading squad!)] .
8Oakland CA Coliseum  
9Oakland CA Coliseum not in tourbook, CANCELLED
24London UK Wembley Arena 
25London UK Wembley Arena 
26London UK Wembley Arena  
27London UK Wembley Arena [YESSHOWS: Time and a Word]
28London UK Wembley Arena Matinee & evening shows? Taped for King Biscuit Flower Hour. [YESSHOWS: Don't Kill the Whale] [CLASSIC YES: Your Move/All Good People]


9Kalamazoo MI Wing Stadium  
10Bloomington IN Indiana University  
11Pittsburgh PA Civic Arena JA molested onstage by fervent Yesfan; fan is decked by Wakeman.
12Dayton OH U. of Dayton  
13Louisville KY Freedom Hall  
14Huntington WV Civic Center  
16Ottawa CAN Landsdowne Park  
17Montreal CAN Forum  
18Quebec City CANColisee  
20Toronto CAN Maple Leaf Gardens Close to the Edge
21Detroit MI Olympic Stadium  
22West Lafayette INMackay Arena  
23Champaign IL University of Illinois  
24Omaha NE Civic Center  
25Cedar Rapids IAFour Seasons Arena  
26Milwaukee WI Mecca Arena  
27Madison WI Dane County Coliseum  
28Minneapolis MN Metro Sports Center  
29Minneapolis MN Duluth Arena  
30Winnipeg CAN Arena  
??US WakemanRHAPSODIES released in US
1Regina CAN Agridome  
2Edmonton CAN Coliseum  
3Calgary CAN Corral  
5Vancouver CAN Pacific Coliseum  
6Spokane WA Spokane Arena  
7Portland OR Coliseum  
8Seattle WA Coliseum  
12Rio de Janeiro BRA Maracananzinho Gym CANCELLED
18Sao Paolo BRAIbirapuera Gym CANCELLED
24Fresno CA Selland Arena  
25Long Beach CAArena  
26Long Beach CAArena  
27San Diego CASan Diego Sports Arena  
29Denver CO McNichols Sports Arena  
30Amarillo TX Amarillo Civic Center  
31Fort Worth TXTarrant County Convention Center  
1Austin TX Frank C. Erwin Jr., Special Events Center, The  
3Hosuton TX Sam Houston Coliseum  
4Houston TX Sam Houston Coliseum  
5Oklahoma City OKMyriad Arena  
6Kansas City MOKemper Arena  
7St. Louis MOCheckerdome  
8Chicago IL International Amphitheatre  
9Chicago IL International Amphitheatre  
10Chicago IL International Amphitheatre  
12Hempstead, NY Nassau Coliseum  
13New York NYMadison Square Garden reviewed in the New York Times.
14New York NYMadison Square Garden  
15New York NYMadison Square Garden  
16New Haven CTNew Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum  
17New Haven CTNew Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum Arriving UFO played at one or both New Haven shows and for the next several shows
18Springfield MA Civic Center Leaves of Green.
19Boston MA Boston Gardens  
20Philadelphia PA Spectrum Videotaped [YES LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA].
21Philadelphia PA Spectrum  
22Philadelphia PA Spectrum Replaced Wheeling VA
23Lexington KY Rupp Arena not in tourbook
24Birmingham AL Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center  
25Atlanta GA Omni  
27Baton Rouge LACivic Auditorium Replaced New Orleans
28Mobile AL    
29Lakeland FL    
30Miami FL Hollywood Sportatorium  
19Montreux SWI Jazz FestivalAnderson, Howe, Wakemanduets by JA/RW, improv by trio
??Paris FRA   Abortive sessions for post-TORMATO album, with Roy Thomas Baker producing.
??Paris, FRA   Late in the month, Alan White goes roller skating and breaks his ankle. As the band has not been getting along well, this gives them a convenient excuse to quit recording. A big US tour has already been booked for 1980.


??London UK   More sessions for the hypothetical next album. But Jon and Rick fail to appear.
??London UK   Drama sessions started as trio; Horn and Downes join
18US  DRAMA released in US
29Toronto CAN Maple Leaf Gardens A technical glitch at the start of Tempus Fugit leaves Squire a stranded fish; Howe and White jam for about four minutes to cover for him until he's handed a working bass from under the stage. Trevor Horn later comments on this show, "The first time we ddid the big 'YESSSS' chorus in Tempus Fugit, the crowd went bananas and I thought, Hey, this [whole tour] may just work out."
30Montreal CAN Forum  
1Hartford CT Civic Center Set opener is Parallels
2Portland ME Cumberland County Civic Center  
4New York NYMadison Square Garden Parallels dropped
5New York NYMadison Square Garden  
6New York NYMadison Square Garden Radio broadcast.*
8Providence RI Civic Center  
9Boston MA Boston Gardens  
10Glen Falls NYCivic Center  
11Largo MD Capitol Center  
12Philadelphia PA Spectrum  
13Philadelphia PA Spectrum  
14Binghamton NY Broome County Arena  
16Rochester NY War Memorial  
17Buffalo NY Memorial Auditorium  
18Pittsburgh PA Civic Arena  
19Detroit MI Joe Louis Arena  
20Cleveland OH Richfield Coliseum  
21Cinncinnati OH Riverfront Coliseum  
22Chicago IL Amphitheater  
23Chicago IL Amphitheater  
25St. Louis MOCheckerdome  
26Tulsa OK Assembly Center  
27Dallas TX Reunion Hall  
28Austin TX University of Texas FY says San Anton Hemisphere
29Houston TX Coliseum Run Through the Light
1Tempe AZ University of Arizona  
2San Diego CASports Arena  
3Los Angeles CASports Arena  
4Los Angeles CASports Arena  
5Fresno CA Selland Arena  
6San Francisco CACow Palace FY says Daly City
9Minneapolis MN Metropolitan Sports Center  
10South Bend Notre Dame 
11Terre Haute INIndiana State University CANCELLED
12Champaigne IL University of Illinois  
13Louisville KY Freedom Hall tourbook says Oct 14
14Nashville TN Municipal Auditorium  
15Nashville TN Municipal Auditorium  
16Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseum  
17Philadelphia PA Spectrum replaced Greenboro NC
18Hampton Roads VAHampton Roads Coliseum Run Through the Light (Squire on piano, Horn on Alembic bass)
19Hempstead, NY Nassau Coliseum  
20New Haven CTNew Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum CANCELLED due to poor ticket sales
16Bristol UK Hippodrome  
17Oxford UK New Theatre  
19Birmingham UK Odeon  
20Birmingham UK Odeon  
22Deeside UK Leisure Center  
24Leicester UK De Montfort Hall YESSHOWS released
25Leicester UK De Montfort Hall  
27Glasgow UK Apollo bootlist says Leicester
28Glasgow UK Apollo  
29Edinburgh UK Playhouse  
30Edinburgh UK Playhouse  
2Newcastle UK City Hall  
3Newcastle UK City Hall  
4Newcastle UK City Hall  
6Manchester UK Apollo White Car performed a cappella.
7Manchester UK Apollo  
9Southampton UK Gaumont  
10Southampton UK Gaumont  
11Brighton UK Brighton Centre  
12Lewisham UK Odeon  
14London UK Hammersmith Odeon  
15London UK Hammersmith Odeon  
16London UK Hammersmith Odeon  
17London UK Rainbow Theatre  
18London UK Rainbow Theatre